Application description

English Vocabulary Daily is an application to help you learn english vocabulary with a simple and efficient way. This app has some vocabulary data, include:

- TOEIC Vocabulary: The data is standard from the book "600 standards essential words for the TOEIC - 3rd edition" with many parts: definition, vietnamese meaning, examples, and related words.

- TOEFL/IELTS Vocabulary: "5000 words for TOEFL & IELTS". The data has only definition of the words.

and .

(Link on Google Play:

Especially, with every lesson, you can do test lessons to remembered longer. Additionally, through widget, the application helps you to learn vocabulary every hour, every day like "small rain lays great dust". The app works offline, so you learn anytime, anywhere without a network connection.

The application has features as following:

- The word data supports many parts:

- Supports testing lessons for every word category.

- Support pronunciation and translation.

- Supports two types of widgets (4x2 and 2x2) gives you flexibility in use.

- Supports for multiple profiles as show/hide parts of words, change display font size

- Supports sharing the app via Facebook, Twitter, Google+...

For more effective learning, below is some small tips upon application:

1. Spend 15 to 30 minutes everyday to learn a list of categories. At each category, firstly learning with full meaning, then go to "Settings", un-select the relevant settings. This helps you remember of the words meaning faster.

2. After completing the words lesson in each category, you do the test lessons. This will help you remember the learned words longer.

3. Please add widget to your android Home Screen, so every opening, a certain word is shown on the display. This is the way that the application helps you to learn words gradually rather than over-full manner causing difficult to remember. This function is helpful for people with limited time.

Have an effective learning and success in TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS examination!