Application description

**MDictPro** is **the best english vietnamese dictionary application** with all english vietnamese data in one. MDictPro has rich and diverse data, is very useful for those who are learning English. With MDictPro, you can learn, find and remember words easily.

(Link on Google Play:

The application has features as following:

+ The application is very light, the whole data dictionary is stored on the memory card

+ Rich and diverse data with more than 15 different data sets including:

- English - English Dictionary: From well-known wordnet data 3.0

- English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English and Vietnamese - Vietnamese dictionaries. In sspecially supporting the images.

- Specialized data include: Engineering dictionary, Economics dictionary, Medicine dictionary, Mathematics dictionary, Technician Dictionary, Stock Dictionary...

- Grammar data: Support for users to learn pronunciation, basic grammar and improve.

- Look-up in the dictionaries is very easy, simple and specially with support for cross-check between dictionaries

- Support the voice search to lookup keywords.

- Support for multimedia data including links, images, sounds

- There is the data management tool to help users download actively and use which data of your interest

- User-friendly interface, beautiful and visible display. In special, version 1.8 support landscape screen to help to look up keywords conveniently.

- Support for pronunciation and language translation tool.

- Support for saving and management of favorite words to make the users easy in learning new words.

- Support text selection on the meaning area by clicking and holding this area.

- Share app for friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+,...

- There is the free tool of data creation and some original data are public to make the users to be able to edit or create new data.

It can be said that the app MDictPro is an "All In One" dictionary with most of dictionaries data (English English Dictionary, English Vietnamese Dictionary, Technology Dictionary, Technical Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Vietnamese Vietnamese Dictionary, Economic Dictionary).