Application description


* needs Internet permission

* permission for storage on SD card

* Android-Version: at least 2.2 (Froyo)


* uses the WebKit-Browser-Engine, since 4.4 Chromium engine

* JavaScript-capable

* embedded YouTube-Videos playable

* always full screen without annoying bars, etc. (as of API 14 not possible anymore. See changelog and screenshots for details)

* resizes automatically to the screen of your device

* Auto-Rotation-capable

* Refresh capacity

* Caching capacity (Cache is used firstly if there is content, secondly your network)

* Zoom capable (hides itself automatically)

* Keyboard (could be you need one, invisible by default)

* Back-button-capacity (includes an internal history of the websites you visited)

* storeable on your SD-card

* fancy Launcher-Icon ;-)