Application description

Ziptrix Battle! is a new and funny version of the classic game Tetris. It has an easy control, incredible smooth movements and an increasing difficulty. Includes a 2 players mode (Battle Mode!) via bluetooth wireless connection. In this mode the fun is multiplied, since you not only must put your pieces well, but also you can gain advantages over your opponent by throwing various difficulties.

One Player Mode

The aim of the game is, of course, to clear the levels and get the highest score placing the listed parts properly and completing the lines. These can be single, double, triple and even quadruple. Every time you manage to make 4 lines at once, you obtain Ziptrix and you get a special bonus after completing the level.

The controls are pretty simple: left, right, turn the piece and fast fall. In a touch screen virtual buttons appear at the bottom of the screen corresponding to those controls.

Each level requires a certain number of lines to be completed. As you progress, the difficulty increases gradually and will appear various obstacles, like previously placed pieces, horizontal bars, blocks, etc.

Battle Mode! (2 players)

Battle Mode is a battle between two players where each one can hinder his opponent. Making lines you get items that you can use to take advantage when you press the correct keys or buttons. It is possible to accumulate several items of the same type, which offers several offensive strategies.

Being designed to play in company of other player, the Battle mode is particularly addictive and offers the possibility of "revenge". The players can organize their own tournaments.