Application description

WPAmagickey. WPA Keygen Audit Free.

WPAmagickey Free. WPA Keygen Audit Free 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX', 'WiFi-Arnet-XXXX' and 'ADSLPT-ABXXXXX'.

Key generator WPA Network default 'WLANXXXX' and 'JAZZTELXXXX' for Comtrend routers with initial BSSID '64:68:0C:', '00:1D:20:', '00:1A:2B:' and '38:72:C0:', the Zyxel routers with initial BSSID '00:1F:A4:' and 'F4:3E:61:' and the ADB Pirelli routers 'WiFi-Arnet-XXXX' ISP Arnet Telecom Argentina and the ADB Pirelli routers 'ADSLPT-ABXXXXX' MEO ISP Portugal, with initial BSSID '00:08:27:', '00:13:C8:', '00:17:C2:', '00:19:3E:', '00:1C:A2:', '00:1D:8B:', '00:22:33:', '00:8C:54:', '30:39:F2:', '74:88:8B:', '84:26:15:', 'A4:52:6F:', 'A4:5D:A1:', 'D0:D4:12:', 'D4:D1:84:', 'DC:0B:1A:', 'F0:84:2F:', or the ESSID changed.

On the basic functions of scanner, autoscan contains fast and slow, normal scan on demand, types of networks to search, types of encryption to look, sound to warn of open networks 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX', 'WiFi-Arnet-XXXX', 'ADSLPT-ABXXXXX' or the ESSID modified a network connection status and a description of networks.

Grant version includes more features, including these new features are included Zyxel, Tecom and ADB Pirelli router, the dictionary generator for WPA key networks ESSID modified by calculating the WPA key from BSSID. Automatic Injection default keys, ranges and pattern for Comtrend 'WLAN_XXXX' with initial BSSID '00: 1A: 2B ', besides the on / off button, turbo mode to speed up the wireless network scanner.

Once you select a network 'WLAN_XXXX', 'JAZZTEL_XXXX', 'WiFi-Arnet-XXXX', 'ADSLPT-ABXXXXX' or the ESSID changed the WPA key is generated and opens a dropdown with the keys for your choice, the choice of the type of Red 'Mixed' always generates the keys from BSSID of the network.

Added ADB Pirelli 'WiFi-Arnet-XXXX' Arnet ISP Telecom Argentina and ADB Pirelli 'ADSLPT-ABXXXXX' MEO ISP Portugal, with initial BSSID '00:08:27:', '00:13:C8:', '00:17:C2:', '00:19:3E:', '00:1C:A2:', '00:1D:8B:', '00:22:33:', '00:8C:54:', '30:39:F2:', '74:88:8B:', '84:26:15:', 'A4:52:6F:', 'A4:5D:A1:', 'D0:D4:12:', 'D4:D1:84:', 'DC:0B:1A:', 'F0:84:2F:'. (Thanks Dudux ;D @enovella_


The use of this product wireless analysis software should be a basic tool for professionals and individuals who are eager to know the security level of wireless facilities is strictly forbidden to use it to commit criminal acts of intrusion on wireless networks of which we do not own or do not have permissions to analyze their security.