Application description

Tap into Vanish, the original new game from The Mascoteers, the team behind some of the most popular apps in 2016 including Circlify and 360 Degree!

Quick timing and instincts are the name of the game, as your job is to defend the ocean from fast-moving white balls falling from the sky and coming at you from all angles. You need quick wits and quicker reflexes in this tapping bonanza as you defend your space and last as long as you can to get a high score.

Tap on each of the falling balls to shoot out black defensive orbs. If you make a hit, you will zap the ball to oblivion, but if you miss, you’ve got another falling object to deal with as the pull of gravity will bring the ball back at you just as fast!

The aim of the game is to avoid having any ball or orb hit the water and rack up points with every white ball you manage to ‘vanish’. You can also collect stars along the way to boost your point total!

Vanish makes for a great way to pass time without having to do too much thinking - perfect for when you’re traveling on public transport or chilling at home!

Give The Mascoteers’ hottest new app Vanish a try today for free!