Application description

Wanna to play Powerpoint on Android with animation, hyperlink, audio and video?

Try Touchshow.

[Latest Release]

The latest release is version 6.0. Please upgrade both ppt converter and android player to have the best experience on pad.

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There are many powerpoint viewers on android. Some are also powerpoint editors. However, pad is not suitable for editing, which is rather complicated and heavy work that should be done on more powerful PC.

Pad/phone is suitable for presenting. Since we are always put them in our pocket and whenever there's chance, we'd like to show off our products/ideas/projects to the audiences.

So the problem is that there are few apps which can make a good presentation on pad. Well, Touchshow is the right one.

Touchshow is aiming at the best powerpoint player -- not only a powerpoint viewer on android pad or phone. It plays transcoded powerpoint file, called wtppt, on android with almost all the interactive features. A converter helps to convert powerpoint to wtppt file on PC.

[Main Feature]

1. Touchshow implements most of the techniques in presentation, including:

Animation and animation effects.

Touchshow supports animation order, animation trigger type(starting by click, starting as the previous, starting after the previous done), shape triggered sequence, animation delay, after effect, etc.

As to the animation effect, Touchshow does not follow powerpoint solutions. It provides a self-defined machenism to make effects simpler and sensible on pad.


Supports hyperlink to outside resources, such as webpages, and inside pages. Supports linking to "last viewed page". With hyperlink, Touchshow provides some insteresting and useful functions. If you link a shape to a folder with some multimedia files in powerpoint, Touchshow will play that shape as a magic box. To slide on the shape will switch between all resources linked. See the sample ppt to know more.

Multimedia resources. Audio, Video, and Flash

Supports at the least one kinds of audio, video, flash movies in order to make presentation more vivid.

Audio format: mp3. Video format: flv and mp4 coded with H.264. Flash movies: coded with AS3.

Business graph.

Touchshow support to show business graph with animation, which would be unique when presenting the business data. What's more, data in graph can be drilled down to dig more.

Multi-touch gesture.

Touchshow focuses on presentation so it is implemented with multi touch functions. User can scale and rotate designated shapes. Not only to show cool, it is useful when there is more data in one slide.

Markup tool.

Needless to say, it is useful in presentation. Touchshow provides serval colors for writing and it can save the page to local file.

International Language characters.

From 4.0, Touchshow supports almost all the international language characters.

2. Features of Touchshow Converter on PC.

One-click tool.

Converter exists as powerpoint plugin or a single .exe file.

If using the plugin, open your ppt, and click the Touchshow->Convert to WTPPT menu item to get wtppt.

If using .exe file, drag&drop the ppt file to converter (or its shortcut), it will work to convert.

The result wtppt file will be put on the same folder with orignal ppt.

Folder convert (batch converting mode).

If there are plenty of ppts to be converted, put them all together in one folder, then drag&drop the folder to converter (or its shortcut), converter will converte all files at a time.

[Minimum System Requirements]


CPU 1GHz, recommend to use durl-core 1.0GHz

Mem 512M, recommend to use 1G

Above Android 2.3

Adobe AIR for Android installed

Video playback ability relative to device

PC requirement (for converter)

Microsoft Office 2003 or above installed, recommend to use office2007.