Application description

SurDoc is your personal cloud. It offers the most totally FREE online storage in the market. It works as a huge cloud drive residing in your mobile device. Besides auto-uploading photos, SurDoc lets you back up, access, view, comment on, sign, & share photos, music, movies, documents & more from unlimited devices:

* Starting from 100GB free, you can earn up to 1TB for free by inviting friends (10GB per referral) or other method

* Auto-upload photos, videos, music and more from your mobile device through WiFi

* Auto-backup files from all of your devices to your personal cloud

* Access, view and edit files in your personal cloud regardless of file format without installing or buying any other software or app

* High-fidelity view, best online viewer

* Easy file sharing through links, email, Facebook & Twitter

* Fill out forms, comment on, and add signatures to documents on the go

* Total privacy - SurDoc is the only cloud service provider who can not read your files


* SurDoc's unique patented TruPrivacy(TM) technology ensures that nobody can see your files but you - not a hacker, not the government, not even SurDoc's CEO!

* SurDoc's unique patented VisiDoc(TM) technology handles documents visually, as intuitively as "pen & paper."

* Generous free space and cheap paid plans. No extra charge for added features.

Great alternative to more expensive services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, Carbonite, Crashplan, SOS Online Backup, Mozy, DocuSign, RightSignature, etc.

Tip: Download PC client from so that you can backup your PC files to your super cool personal cloud storage