Application description

The Invaders from Space have arrived!

Blast through waves of enemies in this retro shoot 'em up in space.

** Game modes **

* Full:

Fight all types of invaders. Use the power-ups and secondary weapons to your advantage. The view will zoom in as you kill Invaders to increase the challenge.

* Arcade:

A quick play arcade mode from above without the harder enemies, power-ups or secondary weapons. The view will not change perspective.

* Pro:

Same as Full mode but the view is always behind your ship to make things extra challenging.

* Survival:

Same as Full mode but with procedurally generated infinite levels that get harder as you battle each wave. Your health is not replenished after each level so you will have to watch out for health power-ups to stay alive.

* Each game mode has 40 levels to battle through except Survival which never ends!

* Fly into power-ups to collect them and get positive effects like secondary weapons, health and increased fire rate.

* Shoot power-ups and a negative effect will occur like increased Invader speed or 'Invader Frenzy'.

* 3D Retro Space combat.

* Touch or Tilt Controls.

* Graphics and Sound Detail levels.

* Optimized for MOGA Controllers. Just connect your controller with the Moga Pivot app before starting the game.

If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements then please contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.

Please note: This game is supported by Ads. Permissions requested are for gameplay and the ad network.


Twitter: @SporadicApps