Application description

Whenever you can't decide which scratch off tickets you're going to spend your hard earned bucks for, use ScratchPal to get the latest in which games have the most or highest ranked top prizes available.

Get the latest current info on your favorite real-life scratch-off lottery tickets in each state of the USA. Sort by rank, price or the number of prizes left. You can even see a snapshot of the ticket so you know what to look for when you get in the store to buy your next lottery ticket.

ScratchPal is created by a family of avid lottery players who, just like you want to win a "Million" dollars. As our first official app, we consider this effort to be a community app so if you have some good ideas on how we can make this app better, please feel free to share it with us. Lets all win together.

So far we have the following states and games added:

Florida Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Georgia Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Connecticut Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

California Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Louisiana Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets