Application description

Light ripples on water, leisurely floating clouds and a beautiful view will take you from the dusty city to the heart of nature.

1. Choose a spot for fishing.

2. Cast your fishing rod and...

3. Feel the first bite!

And remember that to haul out a huge sheatfish, you need appropriate gear that you can purchase in the shop after selling your catch.


Russian Fishing is the long-living free app among the fish games on the android market. Prepare your fishing tackle, your rod and your boat in the game shop and try to catch a really big fish!

This fish game is free android app available on the android market. Play Russian Fishing now!


Testimonials for Russian Fishing:

***** "You won’t be catching any Marlins in Russian Fishing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement to be had just off the shores of its fresh water lake." - (