Application description

**RC Land Quadcopter FPV Race** - simulation game lovers of extreme fly on a radio-controlled quadrocopter. Flying over the beautiful sea island, you will gain new skills and brighten control drone while waiting in a traffic jam.

This is - one of the best modern simulators, remote-controlled model quadrocopter!

- During gameplay, you have to make 24 exciting missions using quadrocopter with FPV system. As there is a possibility of free flight over the island.

- Practice in high-speed flight and it will let you economize on real quadrocopter`s spare parts.

- Type of drone: joysticks, simplified joysticks, accelerometer or gamepad.

- The game is now MOGA compatible controllers.

- Interactive selection between 3 camera modes, adds new perspectives exciting missions.

- Catch money and bonuses on the fly to buy weapons and spare parts.

- Buy motors of three power levels and weapons in the garage.

- Don`t let ground and water transport get away (ATV, boat, jet ski) keeping distance.

- Destroy target using paintball marker or Roman candles.

Well-designed graphics, which is combined with physics, gives you the opportunity to feel like a pilot combat quadrocopter!

A lot of new features now are under development and soon will be included. Have a fun flight!