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The best QR code app does not ask access to "Your Personal Information"!

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"QR Droid Private" is the same as "QR Droid", except it does not ask for "Your Personal Information". Read "Note", below "ABOUT PERMISSIONS" to learn more.

QR Droid Private lets you use your camera to scan a QR code in a magazine and watch a video immediately! Or create a code from a Contact stored in your phone, let a friend scan it and get that info transfered! And much more!

If you can't find, update or download QR Droid Private from Android Market, direct download installable APK here:


It's the evolution of normal barcodes. They can hold more information and are more flexible. QR codes can be used to share Contact information, links, geo-locations and more.


• Open QR Droid Private, it will begin scanning immediately

• Center QR code in your camera's viewfinder

• Scanned information will be shown, without pressing anything

QR Droid Private has the best previewer. If scanned QR code had a link to a YouTube video, you'll see video's image, title and duration, immediately! If it has a geo-location, you'll see a mini Google Map; and so on.


• Open QR Droid Private

• Touch button "Create", followed by any option, according to what you want to share

• Follow on-screen instructions until you see a QR code

• Show that QR code to a friend. He'll be able to scan it with his camera from your screen, and get shared information!


• INTERNET: QR Droid lets you decode from a QR code in Internet, given its URL

• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: You can set QR Droid to show preview of webpages only while using WiFi, because that feature can use a lot of data

• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: You can save generated QR code in your SD card

• CAMERA: To scan codes from camera. The app accesses the camera only when you ask it to scan a code.

• FLASHLIGHT: QR Droid lets you turn your camera flashlight on to improve light conditions

• INSTALL_SHORTCUT: QR Droid lets you create shortcuts to your most-used features, to acces them with a single tap!

Note: Unlike "QR Droid", "QR Droid Private" does not ask for permissions READ_CONTACTS and READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS. Because of this, you'll need to enter all data manually to generate QR codes from Contacts and Bookmarks. If you want this feature, install "QR Droid" ( instead of "QR Droid Private". All your information is secure and won't ever leave your device, no matter what version of QR Droid you use.


• This is a free, ads-supported app. Ads can be removed with a small donation. In the app, press Menu > Remove Ads

• QR codes MUST NOT be used with confidential/secret information

• Uses ZXing library. Apache License 2.0

• "QR code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated