Application description

PicoFinance is a free stock quotes and news reader for any Java- enabled feature or Symbian cellphone. Supporting a configurable portfolio of stock symbols from most world exchanges, PicoFinance gives users the ability to view current stock prices and other useful financials, breaking headlines and articles and much more.

PicoFinance features include:

- Manage a portfolio of stocks

- View real- time stock price changes

- Supports stocks from a variety of world exchanges

- Keyword search for adding new stocks

- Integrated stock ticker tape

- View financial details for a stock (P/E, Volume, ...)

- See news related to managed stocks

- JavaScript

- Images, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP formats

- Zoom, Fullsize images

- Compression to reduce wireless data charges

- Support for Unicode and many character encodings

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