Application description

PDAtuner Live Online Radio on Windows Mobile

• Over 8000 reliable streams online since 2006

• Uniquely access on Mobile and PC - the same channels on your phone and your desk.

• Both Windows Media and mp3 streams

• More than 2000 US and 5000 International streams

 PDAtuner online radio

Reliable - all channels checked regularly

Compatible - checked on real devices PPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 & 6

Accessible - online on your mobile or pc

Choice - from 70's hits to Urban Contemporary

Money saving - One off price


Select by the broadcast genre

• From 70's hits to news to urban

• Over 30 genres

• One-click select


Select by the broadcast source

• US state / internet only

• Continent / country select

• City and genre also listed

• Fully searchable


Store your Favourite channels online

• US state / internet only

• Continent/ country select

• Town and genre is also listed

Mobile and PC access

Just enter and it automatically loads the best version

• Device recognition technology

• Mobile and PC version have same channels

• One location - - for all your mobile and pc radio