Application description

For Users:

Download or stream mp3 songs and music for free easily. When downloading or streaming from the APP, you just look for a mp3 song on the first page of the app for the latest uploads, tapping on Songs or selecting a Genre. It is easy to download and upload mp3 songs for free. If for some reason your phone will not allow you to download an mp3 or stream an mp3 song, visit our website on your computer, tablet, or phone at You can also share a song or music with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. All you have to do is click on a share button on the current song you are listening to or next to a song to download for free. Once you hit the button to share, it will post automatically.

Rewards program:

We are dedicated to giving the best experience possible. The Rewards program was created to encourage users to report problems and let us know how they are enjoying their free music. Users can receive points to be redeemed for gift cards, games, movies and much more. How can you earn points? Just play a song, listen to it for atleast 10 seconds to see if it works and you earn 10 points! Earn double points for reporting a song that do not play, a link that does not work or any other problem that you are experiencing. To redeem double points please report any problems you may be experiencing at

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For artists:

To upload, you need to register for a free account. Visit to register for an account. Once you register, click on the upload link in the toggle menu to being uploading songs. There is no limit to how many songs you want to upload. Once you upload a song, it is live immediately and you can begin to stream, share or download. Sharing your music to let others download or stream for free doesn't get any easier than this.

Some free features:

1. Create a Playlist with all your Favorite MP3 Songs.

2. Upload MP3 music and songs

3. Download MP3 Music and songs for free

4. Download as many songs as you want for free

5. Share your favorite songs and music on Facebook, Twitter, Email and almost any possible way you want.

6. Stream music for free directly on the App or share what you are streaming.

7. Free Music

8. Free Streaming

9. Free Music to download

Current Artists:

1. Josh Woodward

2. Kai Engel

3. Apache Tomcat

4. Zep Hurme

...And many other artists with free music.

Some genres to find free music faster:

1. Alternative

2. Dance

3. Christian

4. Country

5. Rock

...And many other Genres to find free music

For Problems: If you experience any problems at all with Melero Music please report it to quality and experience is important to us, so please let us know if you experience any problems at all.

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