Application description

The little mouse Jorvis is out exploring the jungle which is very fun but dangerous and he

wants you to join him on his adventure. He constantly has to watch out for bats, snakes

and other animals as he jumps between the jungle vines.

In this addictive and simple game you are helping Jorvis to climb as high as possible.

Avoid the dangerous animals that are blocking the way by clicking the screen on either

side of the mouse. The spiders are not all bad since you can catch a ride on their web. For

a quick boost, collect three objects of the same kind.

Enjoy the game and don’t forget to share your high score!

"Jungle Jumper is an excellent android app, well worth checking out. In short, it takes the classic gameplay elements of games such as Temple Run and Agent Dash and Subway Surfer, and moves them onto a top-down 2 dimensional plane.

The results are great, with crisp smooth graphics, good sounds and some excellent gameplay that, expectedly, starts off easy but quickly becomes challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. As with all these ‘continuous runner’ style games, Jungle Jumper features that ‘just one more try’ type of addictiveness that makes it difficult to put down. - Editor's Choice from"

"A fun addicting game for kids of any age, a great game which can be played on any android devices, beautiful graphics and sound effects -"

"Jungle Jumper is a well-done game for an independent developing label with smooth graphics and nice surprising game interactions. -"