Application description

Funny Quotes


### **What This App Does**

Every day, you’ll get a new funny joke or one liner. It simply pops up on your phone and BOOM you can use it in your next available conversation or Facebook post. You’ll be a star!

### **What This App Does For You**

You’re suddenly the funniest guy or gal in the crowd. People gravitate to you because you’re so funny. Girls throw themselves at you. Guys want to get with you. You always have a funny come back right on the tip of your tongue…all because you get a free funny quote every day. (This may or may not happen to you. We think it will, but we can’t guarantee it, because we don’t know your friends. If you were our friend, we’d laugh at all your jokes, because you will be just that funny).

### **And what about Facebook?**

You’ll be a star with your funny status updates. While other people are sharing their bathroom habits and food consumption updates, you’ll be WOWing your friends with how funny you are. You’ll be the bright spot in your friend’s day, putting a smile on everyone’s face. You’ll be the superhero all your friends have been waiting for! (This may or may not happen to you. If your Facebook friends don’t put you on the pedestal that we think you deserve, feel free to unfriend them and get friends that laugh at your jokes. It’s more fun that way).