Application description

"**Evo Wallet**" Free Edition, the easy to use personal finance application for android touch phone designed to help for keep track of the balances of all of your money accounts on the go.

**Elegant & Easy** : The app's user interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use with built-in mini cash calculator and easy calendar picker. Allow you to take a picture for each transaction, you will never forget where/what your money goes.

**Intuitive** : The most intuitive UI with two transaction lists design, you can scroll and view both income and outcome money transactions separately and easily. Clean, fast and super easy input screen without any unnecessary fields. The app allows you to enter an empty (zero amount) transaction, then you can enter/edit all the detail when you have a time.

**Multi-Accounts** : With the multiple accounts feature, you can apply to track lot of thing such as cash in wallet, bank accounts, credit/debit cards, ahorro, saving, etc...

**Key features** :

- Supports multiple accounts !!!.

- Multiple currency.

- Unlimited categories with lot of icons.

- Instant balance calculation.

- Two styles for transactions viewer (Independent debit and credit transactions list / legacy transactions list).

- Easy input for deposit, withdraw and transfer transactions.

- Favorite transactions, mark any frequency uses transaction and use it as template for new transaction.

- Instant weekly, monthly and yearly report with graphs.

- Passcode Lock, keep your personal finance data safe.

- Build-in simple calculator in transaction input screen.

- Data backup / restore, easy backup the export files via memory card.

- Option to send the backup file to e-mail right after successfully backup.

- Export transactions to CSV file with option to send via e-mail.

- Clean UI and easy to understand and use.

- You can take a picture of the transaction related thing, such as receipt, goods, etc...

- Optimized for android mobile phone.

- Also available in iOS, so you can transfer the database to iPhone and continuous use when you have to change your phone to other platform.

**No complicated** : Don't put your personal finance status into the complexity, but always be simplicity with our evo-wallet app.

Want to easily keep track of your money, do you?

Let 'Evo Wallet' always be with your palm.

Please check the "More from developer" section below, for the "Evo Wallet - Premium Edition".

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