Application description

Evo Energy - The free and easy to use energy consumption calculator that helps you to calculate your household electricity cost for running various electrical appliances or devices. And helping you save power consumption costs.

EvoEnergy is elegant and easy way to calculate the estimated electricity consumption per hour/day/month or year in units/cost and also tells the electricity consumed by each appliance.

Main feature :

- Support various unit type of power (Watt / Kilo-Watt / Milli-Ampere/ Ampere)

- Support all current voltages all over the world. (100v to 240v)

- Support to save to the list of appliances.

- Configurable the currency symbol.

- Easy entry values screen.

- Allow you to enter the time of use per day by hour and minute.

- Allow you to enter the appliance's power rating in Ampere or Mili-Ampere.

- Instant calculation when entered all required values.

- Calculate the result by hour/ day / month and year.

- Easy sharing the calculated result screen to your friends.

Making a decision to buy a new electrical appliance? Then try calculate for the cost of energy consumption with Evo-Energy app. So you may save a lot of electricity bill.