Application description

The most advanced dice rolling app available!

DiceCaddy is a dice roller - a utility for generating random dice rolls for RPG and tabletop style games such as D&D. It is designed to be as universal as possible and features an extensive array of dice options, profiles, a history log, probability graphing, voice input, home screen widget, and more!

Major features:

• Universally designed to be compatible with as many types of games as possible.

• Can create and save an unlimited number of "dice set" profiles.

• Uses a configurable tabbed interface for managing multiple active dice sets at once.

• Many dice configuration options:

• Dice rerolls

• Exploding dice

• Die counting (ex: 20d6 -> 7 hits greater/equal to 5)

• Dice result skewing

• Color highlighting

• History log for previous dice rolls.

• Can create "counters" which let you easily keep track of numbers like health, mana, gold, etc.

• Built-in calculator tool.

• Dice Graphing - can plot the random distribution curve for any dice set. Can also plot multiple sets for comparison.

• Multiple random number generators to choose from, including Mersenne Twister, provided by the Uncommons Maths library by Daniel W. Dyer.

• Voice recognition input - speak phrases like "3d6" and have it understood by the app.

• Home screen widget - add dice to your desktop!

• Import & Export your dice sets to make backups or transfer them to other devices.

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