Application description

Have you ever wondered how to play the game of bridge, but think it's too hard to get started? Or have you played contract bridge for some time and want to brush up on the latest conventions? Or do you just want to practice your game between visits to your bridge club?

**BriJ is for you**. It has levels to suit both beginners and those who already play bridge. There's copious help at every stage, suggesting **WHY** as well as **WHAT** to bid or play. Please note that only the BJ Bridge PRO version supports SAYC and adjustment of conventions.

BriJ is optimised for both Android tablets and mobiles. Screen layouts change automatically to fit in with limited mobile screen space.

**Use Bluetooth to connect up with other players**

• Practice bidding and playing as a partnership; choose to play in defence (against your partner) or to play the contract independently

• Play anywhere, without Internet access !

**Play in any combination of seats at the same time**

• Choose to see all cards; choose to see hands one at a time

• rotate the table to play an another hand

**BriJ is realistic and competitive**

• Bid from a familiar bidding box; see tricks laid out as you would expect for **Duplicate Bridge**

• See your duplicate results rating as a cumulative percentage

**Download hands from BridgeWebs**

• View a complete session from your club website; see optimum contracts, pairs scoring, etc.

• Replay the hands against BriJ opposition to see where you went wrong!

**BriJ uses the same logic as real human players**

• It does not cheat by peeking at the hidden cards to find that impossible play. So, you have a reasonable chance of beating your computer opponents

• Like a real player, BriJ may make mistakes, but is improving all the time. Look out for later releases!

**BriJ deals are totally random**

• Ask BriJ to predict what contracts are likely for each new deal; ask BriJ to predict how many tricks ought to be made; see predictions before you start bidding, or only after you have played the contract

• Save any deal for playing at a later date; pass deals to other BriJ players via email

**Bridge convention card**

• In the FREE version, BriJ follows a Benjaminised Acol style of bidding

• The PRO version provides alternative systems such as SAYC and also offers beginners a SIMPLIFIED BIDDING system by turning off unwanted complex conventions

Recent Changes


** Release 3.11.1 ** :

▶ CLAIM button introduced;

▶ more bid and play improvements, particularly defence tactics;

▶ tidier interface;

▶ fixes.

** Recent releases **

▶ Help via links to BriJ video tutorials

▶ Run bridge games from your club website, directly from BriJ

▶ Tailored Convention Card (amendable in PRO version)

▶ Full UNDO button during bidding and play

▶ Larger cards (adjustable size)

▶ ‘2-touch’ card play and auto-play singleton cards

See the website **** for details of the extensive optional features of BriJ, including information on how to get started with BriJ and its tutorial system.

**Please email** if you'd like to suggest improvements or report any problems you find.