Application description

Good Heavens ! AWKWARD CARTON !

Over 100 levels ! removing by flick only, fun puzzle game.

[:)] How to play ? [:)]

An AWKWARD CARTON's feature is to have a face.

Remove AWKWARD CARTON mixed into normal carton, but don't drop normal carton.

- Moving on the physics. In some cases, cleverness and prudence and good order is very important, learn the trick.

[:)] Hit Hard Stage ! [:)]

The next 3 levels are unlocked every the clearing of new stage. You might try again difficult level after.

[:)] How get a good score ? [:)]

Fewer caught count will be higher score. Join in the world score ranking.

[:)] Covered with my hand.. [:)]

No problem ! The Finger Around View function is had. You don't have to plead that I can not look around my finger.

Please challenge all stages clearing and get 5 stars clearing !


secret hints..