Application description

Next-generation antivirus protection for Windows Mobile handhelds.

Airscanner Corporation is the most trusted name in defending your mobile device from "airborne" computer viruses. From the company that wrote the best-selling technical books Maximum Wireless Security and Security Warrior (O’Reilly) comes the newest version of our antivirus for your handheld.

Trusted by millions of users, Airscanner is the oldest and most widely used antivirus for the Windows Mobile platform. Most of the cutting-edge software and anti-malware research in this area was pioneered by our team members. Thanks to your ever-growing support, we continue to help you stay ahead of the bad guys.

The giant antivirus companies have only recently added mobile antivirus as an afterthought. Because they are newer to this area, their products are often behind the curve. Worse, with a mega-corporation you will always be just a number. Instead, Airscanner team members care personally about you and your data security. With us, you’ll always get personal support and service from a kind and caring expert.

It is similar to the medical world. When you are really sick, you don’t want to go to a large, public clinic. You could face long lines and rude staff. Even if your medical problem is complex, you might end up with an inexperienced first-year intern who is still in school. Instead, you really want to go to a specialist who is known for her skills as a practitioner. Antivirus software is no different.

With the increased wireless connectivity of PDAs and Smartphones comes an increased threat from virus attacks. Let us help you save money, time, and data by protecting your valuable device. Try Airscanner Mobile Antivirus now.

AntiVirus Features:

• Quarantine or eradicate airborne viruses and malware.

• Fast, optimized scanning speed based on patent pending technology.

• Real-time background virus scanning.

• Automatic online updates of virus signatures and scanning engine.

• A very advanced, granular scheduler allows you to design your own test plans.

• Easy to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy the most knowledge-hungry power users and network admins.

• Intercept memory resident viruses with an advanced task manager/process killer.

• Detect spware, Trojans and other malware with expert tools.

Airscanner Mobile Antivirus is so advanced, attractive, and easy to use, beginners and experts alike love it. Download this innovative product and start protecting your handheld device now.

Please do not redistribute without permission. Purchase of software includes one year license, updates and support.