Application description

Talking Clock Pro is the most technologically advanced voice time announcement application for the Android device market. It is available in 7 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Polish; plenty new languages such as: Korean, Chinese and many more will be added in due course.

This application allows the user to plan single or multiple time schedules, either planned or manual. In addition the schedules can be flexibly repeated to meet the needs of the user.

The application runs with an attractive colorful time display in landscape format.

Talking Clock Pro announces the time according to the user’s schedule at certain time intervals.

The Talking Clock Pro will announce:

- Actual time

- Time elapsed

- Time remaining

- Own record

- Alarm

Each named schedule can contain numerous flexible talking periods including spoken mode, announcement frequency, as well as event on finish, which can even be “own record” or alarm.

When activated, any number of schedules can run simultaneously and will automatically commence according to the user defined schedule. It offers additional flexibility whereby each period can provide alternative types of announcement.

The Talking Clock Pro helps you to manage a series of chronological events by announcing the time at certain points in time, ensuring you complete the action according to your schedule.

The schedules are clearly placed in 2 tabs: Planned & Manual.

Create a Planned schedule to set a specific time during the day.

For example Monday to Friday 3.00pm to 5.00pm with announcements every 10 minutes prior to leaving work.

The Manual function allows you to set a time period which can be activated and deactivated on demand. For example a 7 minute period for preparing lunch or dinner.

There are many different uses and situations where Talking Clock Pro can help improve your time management:

* never be late for important appointments or meetings

* daily fitness routine - jogging, yoga

* sporting activities - skiing, cycling

* in the morning - showering, bathing and washing your teeth

* work motivator - Talking Clock Pro helps you to stay focused on your work

* Talking Clock Pro reminds you when your favourite TV Programme is about to start

* have Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the same time every day with the help of Talking Clock Pro

* practise your presentation for a specific period (eg 8 minutes)

* DIY & gardening activities are managed with Talking Clock Pro

* attractive bedside clock

* take a break after each 2 hour period when driving

* manage your beauty time (make-up, manicure, pedicure, solarium , hair dye and conditioner application, etc.)

* sun bathing on the beach - don’t get burnt

* manage the time you spend on your computer game

* manage your daily fitness programme

* find time for your children, Talking Clock Pro will remind you to stop work and spend time with you childred, as promiced

* take a break from your computer screen at certain time intervals

* manage your telephone talk time

* get ready for working time, never be late for work and always leave home on time

* Talking Clock Pro is not only an alarm, it will also tell you the number of minutes before you have to get up / leave home / work

* Talking Clock Pro also tells you how many minutes you are late

* regularly practise and play your musical instrument for a certain period every day

* manage your child’s study time, make sure they do all their homework

* never be late for a party

* hundreds of other uses


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