Application description

Calculate when you need to buy your next ticket for travel by bus, train or anything else

Works out the cheapest combination of tickets over time, for up to 2 years!

integrates directly with the phones calendar

Version 1.3

* Fixes to first calculate sometimes freezing

** New

- Swipable layout

* Calendar

- choose which days you don't need tickets and which weekends you do

- optimized for tablet layout

- customise your view to change how many days to display per row

- fast calculation, works around holidays, optimized for cheapest prices

* Ticket Prices:

- Enter prices for a range ofticket combinations

- Choose which tickets you want to use

* Settings

- Change the dates to calculate between

- change your optimsation accuracy

- force new tickets around holiday periods

* Export & Import

- save and load the tickets, prices and settings for easy retrieval

* Phone Calendar

- Sync's to the phone's calendar - manual or automatic

* SD Card Support

- move the application

Permissions required:

Full Internet - for information lookup (and ads)

External Storage - for exports and imports

Please email all suggestions or queries (and problems) to

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