Application description

Linux Live Wallpaper for linux users or anyone tired of windows

Linux Beats Windows Live Wallpaper: Sir Tux of Linux ( King Arthur as Tux ) takes on windows and beats it.

Watch the ghost of windows past float upward from their graves as sir tux stands on the tomb of windows blue screen.

Lightning flashes as the smoke from the battle floats on by.

This is for all linux users who know it is better then windows, or anyone who is tired of windows.

Set in a medieval comical scene.

In case you cannot read the words on the tombstone (I tried to make it as big as possible) it says:

Ye Windoze died from virus and worm infections

Thieves rampaged thee house daily

from too many an open door

Ye did unfairly charged ye patrons

vast amounts that made thee rich

but ye forgot thee poor

This is from a wallpaper I made for linux users and turned it into a live wallpaper for android.

In case you didn't know it, android uses a linux kernel ;)

It shows Windows 98, ME Vista 2000 XP Win 7 Win 8 as ghost icons.

This is not a movie!

You have you choice in the following:

✔ Show or hide window icons

✔ Speed of window icons

✔ Show or hide the lightning

✔ Show or hide the clouds

As normal give back to the community, this one is free :)